Candidates are invited for the following positions on the Society for Music Analysis Committee:

  • President;
  • Information Officer;
  • Student Representative.

The elected candidates will work with the rest of the SMA Committee to represent and guide our activities over the next two years.

The President shall carry out the policies of the Executive Committee and shall chair all meetings of the Society and the Executive Committee. The President shall discharge such other duties as are customarily associated with the office, including attendance at meetings of the Editorial Board of the journal Music Analysis.

The Information Officer shall prepare the Society’s Newsletter and maintain the Society’s website; prepare publicity for the Society’s events; and take such additional steps as deemed necessary by the Executive Committee to publicise the Society’s work.

There are two SMA student representatives, and one of these posts is due for election. Student Representatives help the committee as a whole discover what sort of workshops, seminars, conferences etc. are of interest to the younger generation, and who might be able to take part in the way of organizing and/or making contributions to the programmes.

Members of the Executive Committee are expected to attend committee meetings, which take place two or three times a year, usually in conjunction with SMA events. There is also an Annual General Meeting of the Society, again timed to coincide with one of our events. Travel expenses to these meetings are reimbursed.

Terms of office are two years in the first instance, with the possibility for re-election. Interested candidates are welcome to contact the current SMA President, Michael Spitzer, for an informal chat (

Please send all nominations and seconded nominations, along with a statement of candidature, to David Bretherton ( by Friday, 2 December 2011. E-mail ballot papers for the election and statements of candidature will be issued immediately afterwards, and the result of the election will be announced in mid-December.

In the past, SMA members have enquired as to whether current office holders intend to stand for re-election, and so (without prejudice) we report that Michael Spitzer intends to stand for re-election as President and Shay Loya intends to stand for election as Information Officer. Michelle Phillips will shortly be completing her studies and therefore will not stand for re-election as a Student Representative.

The SMA Committee.