SMA Theory Course

The SMA is currently preparing a free online music theory course, scheduled to be released in Spring 2022. Please check back soon.

Wiki of Music Theory Resources

Created by Prof. Paul Harper-Scott, our fully editable and expandable wiki of resources is designed for anyone wanting to learn more about music theory, teach music theory, or for anyone wishing to promote their resources.

Please follow this link to THE SMA WIKI PROJECT

You don’t need experience to edit the wiki, so please do follow the instructions and help to make this project a success.

SMA Video Podcasts

This series of podcasts is designed to introduce analytical strategies.

Introduction by Julian Horton
Episode 1 “Why we Analyse Music” (Julian Horton)
Episode 2 “Aspects of Popular Music” (Allan Moore)
Episode 3 “Analysing Musical Time” (Anne Hyland)
Episode 4 “Analysis in Context” (Kenneth Smith)

We maintain an SMA youtube channel of our podcasts and broadcast colloquia. Please like and share.