The SMA is proud to launch its new Zoom Colloquium series. Each session will be held on Zoom at 6:30pm UK Time.

Please always check back here for the zoom link as we update before each event.

2023-24 Season

SMA Zoom Colloquium, 23/24 Academic Year

2 November 2023: Jonathan De Souza (University of Western Ontario)

‘Musical Texture, Ensemble Coordination, and Social Network Analysis’

6 December 2023: Jason Yust (Boston University)

‘Periodicity and Continuity in Pitch and Time’

8 February 2024: Caitlin Martinkus (Cleveland Institute of Music)

‘Revisiting Expectations for the Opening Ritornello in Louis Spohr’s Violin Concerti’

7 March 2024: Annika Forkert (RNCM)


4 April 2024: Nicolas Meeùs (Paris-Sorbonne)

‘Once Again, Schenkerian Semiotics’

2 May 2024: Robert Gjerdingen (Northwestern)

‘Harmony in a Cold Climate: Class and Classrooms in Music Theory’

6 June 2024: Rachel Gain (Yale)

Title TBC (general themes: rhythm tap dance as a percussive art form; syntax and the body).

2023 Season

2rd February 2023: Dr Thomas Husted Kirkegaard (University of Copenhagen)
“Not Another Paper on Harmonic Function!”

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2rd March 2023: Dr Jennifer Harding (University of Massachusetts Amherst)
“Harmony of Score and Stage: Analytical Insights through the Discrete Fourier Transform.”

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April 6th 2023: Dr José Oliveira Martins (Universidade de Coimbra)
“Harmonic imagination and register relations in twentieth-century music: altered octaves and the modelling of pitch-space qualities.”

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May 4th 2023: Profs. Marina Mezzina (Conservatorio di Musica in Salerno) & Catello Gallotti (Martucci Conservatory of Music, Salerno, Italy)
Journeys through Romantic Music: Towards an Expressive Approach to Musical Structure

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June 1st 2023 (6.30pm ! UK)
GmTH/SMA Roundtable on Music Theory in pre-University Education

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June 29th 2023: Dr John Koslovsky (Conservatorium van Amsterdam / Utrecht University)
Structural Fantasies and Variations: A Salzerian Perspective

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2022 Season

3rd February 2022: Dr Sebastian Wedler (University of Oxford)
“Rethinking Late Webern” (click for abstract)
[Not streamed on Youtube; Zoom only]

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31st March 2022: Prof Kofi Agawu (CUNY)
Music Studies in Crisis? Notes and Queries on Reframing Music Theory (click for abstract)

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7th April 2022: Prof Nicole Biamonte (McGill)
“Current Issues in Popular-Music Analysis”

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5th May 2022: Dr Nancy Murphy (Assistant Professor, Houston)
“Times-A-Changin’: Flexible Meter as Self-Expression in Singer-Songwriter music”

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9th June 2022: Dr Cecilia Oinas (Sibelius Academy, Helsinki)
“Together in Performance: Examining (the) Pitch-Based Bonding in Ensemble Playing”

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7th July 2022: Prof Joseph Straus (CUNY)
“Musical Modernism and the Representation of Disability”

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