Bringing together distinguished philosophers, psychologists and music theorists, Music Analysis is proud to publish the first journal collection dedicated to the analysis of musical emotion. This special issue comprises selected proceedings from the inaugural International Conference on Music and Emotion, and marks the arrival of music and emotion as an analytical field.


    Michael Spitzer, Guest Editorial:
    The Emotion Issue

    Derek Matravers:
    Recent Philosophical Work on the Connection between Music and the Emotions

    John Butt:
    Emotion in the German Lutheran Baroque and the Development of Subjective Time Consciousness

    Lawrence Zbikowski:
    Music, Emotion, Analysis

    Robert Gjerdingen:
    Mozart’s Obviously Corrupt Minuet

    Robert Hatten:
    Aesthetically Warranted Emotion and Composed Expressive Trajectories in Music

    Marcel Zentner:
    Homer’s Prophecy: An Essay on Music’s Primary Emotions

    Max Paddison:
    Mimesis and the Aesthetics of Musical Expression

    Michael Spitzer:
    Mapping the Human Heart: A Holistic Analysis of Fear in Schubert

    Tuomas Eerola:
    Analysing Emotions in Schubert’s Erlkönig: A Computational Approach

    Kenneth Smith:
    A Science of Tonal Love? Drive and Desire in Twentieth Century Harmony: The Erotics of Alexander Skryabin

    Tom Cochrane:
    Using the Persona to Express Complex Emotions in Music

    Simon Mills:
    The Tale of the Three Young Brothers: An Analytical Study of Music and Communal Joy (Hŭng) in Korean Folk Culture

    Giorgio Biancorosso:
    The Shark in the Music

    Patrik Juslin and Erik Linström:
    Musical Expression of Emotions: Modeling Listeners’ Judgments of Composed and Performed Features