Marina Mezzina & Catello Gallotti

Journeys through Romantic Music: Towards an Expressive Approach to Musical Structure Click here for link On the threshold of the nineteenth century, we witness a radical change in aesthetic values. Reality gives way to imagination, nature to sensibility, completion to incompletion. These changes affect music not only in its generic stylistic features but also – […]

José Oliveira Martins,”Harmonic imagination and register relations in twentieth-century music: altered octaves and the modelling of pitch-space qualities”

This talk addresses some lasting interpretative issues about the qualities of pitch space shaped by the use of extended chordal and layered structures in twentieth-century musical modernism. These pitch processes frequently use a wide-register range and give rise to complex harmonic processes, in which register relations do not easily conform to a single coherent pitch-space […]

Popular Music Theory & Analysis Summer School (IPM-IPM-SMA)

Popular Music Theory & Analysis Summer School (IPM-IPM-SMA)Tuesday 29th – Thursday 31st August 2023, University of Liverpool The Institutes of Popular Music of both Rochester and Liverpool, together with the Society for Music Analysis, are pleased to announce their second Summer School dedicated to popular music theory and analysis. Set in the vibrant city of Liverpool, […]

CALL FOR PROPOSALS: Analytical Essays on Music by Women Composers, Vol. 4: Electroacoustic, Multimedia & Experimental Music, 1950–2015

Deadline for submissions: Monday, 17 April 2023 We are seeking contributions to the fourth and final volume in our Analytical Essays series,subtitled Electroacoustic, Multimedia & Experimental Music, 1950–2015. This collection ofessays will complete our award-winning series on music by women composers published byOxford University Press (Concert Music, 1960–2000 [2016], Secular & Sacred Music to1900 [2018]), […]

Jennifer D. Harding – “Harmony of Score and Stage: Analytical Insights through the Discrete Fourier Transform”

March 2, 2023 The past few years have seen a flurry of interest in applications of the discrete Fourier transform (DFT) to both pitch and rhythmic do[1]mains of music analysis. Despite the fruitfulness of these approaches, the dense mathematics of the DFT can often be a deterrent to many theorists and analysts. In this talk, […]

Zoom Colloquium: Thomas Husted Kirkegaard, “Not Another Paper on Harmonic Function!” (2nd February)

Dr Thomas Husted Kirkegaard (University of Copenhagen) 2nd February 2023, 6.30pm UK TIME. For Zoom link, please visit our main zoom page on the day of the talk. Astract The twentieth century saw numerous heated discussions between adherents of two influential music-theoretical traditions: post-Riemannian function theory and Schenkerian theory, dominating in Continental-European and Anglo-American music scholarship, […]

TAGS 2023 (Theory and Analysis Graduate Student’s) Conference, Liverpool

April 13-14, 2023, University of Liverpool The SMA’s annual Theory and Analysis Graduate Students (TAGS) Conference will be hosted by the Department of Music at University of Liverpool on Thursday 13 and Friday 14 April, 2023. The event provides a supportive and friendly environment in which postgraduates can gain experience in presenting their work and […]

CFP: Women at the Piano, 1848-1970

Call for PapersInternational Conference: Women at the Piano 1848–1970University of California, Irvine, 17–19 March 2023 Keynote Speaker: Professor Jann Pasler (University of California, San Diego)Keynote Recitalist: Antonio Oyarzabal Since the eighteenth century, the piano has afforded women the potential to attain mobility and visibility, to exploit public mouthpieces such as journalism and technological media, […]