The Society for Music Analysis is launching its third Music Analysis Workshop, to be held at Middlesex University London on Saturday 29th April 2017 from 12pm to 6pm. Following the success of the previous workshop on Analysis and (Critical) Theory in 2016, this event aims to build further upon the intersections between analysis, philosophy, and history.

The workshop is designed to benefit graduate students of any level who might want to learn more about a particular analytic method, practice analytical skills in a friendly environment, or who might be interested to discover ways in which analysis might be used as a tool to supplement broader research questions. Challenging negative preconceptions, it aims to make both analytical methodologies and their hermeneutic applications more accessible to anyone interested in enriching their interpretations of musical works.

The event begins with two interactive workshops that will explore the historical aspects of Schenker’s philosophy, as well as philosophical interpretations of Schenkerian theory within an analytical case study, and concludes with a roundtable session. The workshops will be led by William Drabkin (Emeritus Professor, University of Southampton), who will discuss some of Schenker’s thoughts on his worldly surroundings (including human behavior, nature, aesthetics and religion), as found mainly in private writings: his voluminous correspondence, and especially the entries in his diaries immediately prior to the onset of the First World War; and by Christopher Tarrant (Lecturer in Music, Anglia Ruskin University) who will speak about the ways in which Nielsen’s symphonic sonata forms might relate to Schenkerian thought, and in particular to the syntactical, hermeneutic, and historical implications of a ‘break in the hierarchy’. The final roundtable session will consider the place of Schenkerian analysis in the current musicological climate from the perspective of students and academics, and will debate the relevance (and necessity) of Schenkerian analysis for the ever-increasing diversity of musical study.

Call for participants

Expressions of interest are to be sent to Rebecca Day ( by Saturday 1st April 2017.

You do not have to be a member of the SMA but members will be eligible for travel bursaries. The deadline to apply for bursaries is Saturday 8th April 2017. Information on how to apply can be found at For information on membership fees see