To encourage and support work in the field of music analysis, the SMA is making an annual award for an outstanding contribution in this field produced by an undergraduate. Nominations are invited of the following type: a dissertation or extended essay (the major component of a single-credit undergraduate module) submitted at an undergraduate level at a UK institution in the 2021-22 academic year on an annual basis, which received a mark of 70% or more, and features music analysis as a prominent component. Nominations should be accompanied with a letter from a lecturer at the student’s institution confirming the mark received. The winning candidate will be given the option of presenting a paper at the subsequent Theory & Analysis Graduate Students (TAGS) or Music Analysis (MAC) conference (the choice of which will follow discussions with the SMA board), with registration and accommodation paid for by the society. They will also be asked to produce an article derived from the work which will be published in the SMA Newsletter. The award will be worth £100.

Institutions/colleges can nominate a maximum of two candidates (Oxford and Cambridge are viewed as single universities). The deadline for nominations this year will be 30 November 2022.

We particularly encourage submissions from women or from under-represented or minoritized groups.

Please send nominations (including candidate name, institution, and dissertation title) together with supporting documents to

All queries should be addressed to the Awards Officers at