Naming, Understanding, and Playing with Metaphors in Music

Naming, Understanding, and Playing with Metaphors in Music A Virtual Symposium organized by Nina Eidsheim (UCLA) and Daniel Walden (Durham) with the UCLA PEER Lab & Durham University Music Department Date: April 29-30, 2022 Session Keynotes: – Jessica Bissett Perea, Dena’ina (Native American Studies, UC Davis) – Philip Ewell (Music Theory, Hunter College, CUNY)  – J. Martin Daughtry (Music, NYU) […]

Rethinking Late Webern

Sebastian Wedler Entering into Anton Webern’s twelve-tone music and its complex reception history is like entering into a combat with the Hydra: cleave off one head of the Webern myth, and two more grow in its place, often swinging at you from opposite directions. Understandings of late Webern range widely, from that of an intrepid […]