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Details of past events (since 2000) organised by the SMA and sister organisations are archived on this page.

Music Analysis Workshop: ‘The Intersections between Schenker and Philosophy’

Saturday 29th April 2017, Middlesex University, London

The Society for Music Analysis is launching its third Music Analysis Workshop, to be held at Middlesex University London on Saturday 29th April 2017 from 12pm to 6pm. Following the success of the previous workshop on Analysis and (Critical) Theory in 2016, this event aims to build further upon the intersections between analysis, philosophy, and history.

The workshop is designed to benefit graduate students of any level who might want to learn more about a particular analytic method, practice analytical skills in a friendly environment, or who might be interested to discover ways in which analysis might be used as a tool to supplement broader research questions. Challenging negative preconceptions, it aims to make both analytical methodologies and their hermeneutic applications more accessible to anyone interested in enriching their interpretations of musical works.

The event begins with two interactive workshops that will explore the historical aspects of Schenker’s philosophy, as well as philosophical interpretations of Schenkerian theory within an analytical case study, and concludes with a roundtable session. The workshops will be led by William Drabkin (Emeritus Professor, University of Southampton), who will discuss some of Schenker’s thoughts on his worldly surroundings (including human behavior, nature, aesthetics and religion), as found mainly in private writings: his voluminous correspondence, and especially the entries in his diaries immediately prior to the onset of the First World War; and by Christopher Tarrant (Lecturer in Music, Anglia Ruskin University) who will speak about the ways in which Nielsen’s symphonic sonata forms might relate to Schenkerian thought, and in particular to the syntactical, hermeneutic, and historical implications of a ‘break in the hierarchy’. The final roundtable session will consider the place of Schenkerian analysis in the current musicological climate from the perspective of students and academics, and will debate the relevance (and necessity) of Schenkerian analysis for the ever-increasing diversity of musical study.

Call for participants

Expressions of interest are to be sent to Rebecca Day ( by Saturday 1st April 2017.

You do not have to be a member of the SMA but members will be eligible for travel bursaries. The deadline to apply for bursaries is Saturday 8th April 2017. Information on how to apply can be found at For information on membership fees see

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Be not afeard: language, music and cultural memory in the operas of Thomas Adès

Senate House, London 24–25 April 2017

With invited contributions from: Thomas Adès, Philip Hensher, Meredith Oakes, John Roeder (University of British Columbia), Peter Evans (Queen Mary University of London) and Mark Millington (University of Nottingham)

Registration is open and can be booked here:

A provisional programme is available here:

Thomas Adès has drawn attention to the ‘mysterious thing that happens when you set actions to music: a third shape that emerges when something non-visual like a musical score is acted out by people moving on a stage’. This conference will explore Adès’s three operatic shapes of music, text, and performative realisation through the lenses of language and cultural memory.

The event will take place over two days. The first day will focus on analytical and theoretical approaches to Adès’s operas, and will conclude with a round table on The Exterminating Angel prior to the UK premiere of the opera at the Royal Opera House that evening. The second day will focus on Adès’s operas and their broader contexts.

If you have any questions or difficulty with the registration process, please email

The conference is part of the research programme of the AHRC-funded Open World Research Initiative, and is held in collaboration with the Institute for Modern Languages Research, Music and Letters Trust, and the Society for Music Analysis. It has been organized by Dr Edward Venn (University of Leeds), Professor Catherine Davies (Institute of Modern Languages Research, School of Advanced Study) and Dr Paul Archbold (Kingston University).

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TAGS 2017

School of Music, Bangor University, 18–19 February 2017

Deadline for proposals: 16th December 2016
Keynote Speaker: Professor John Rink (University of Cambridge)

The SMA’s annual Theory and Analysis Graduate Students (TAGS) Conference will be hosted by Bangor University, in the newly refurbished building of the School of Music from Saturday 18th to Sunday 19th February 2017. The event provides a supportive and friendly environment in which postgraduates can gain experience in presenting their work and meet fellow researchers, and will interlink with the Bangor Music Festival. Participants who do not wish to give a paper are also very welcome to attend.

Our keynote speaker, Prof. John Rink, is Professor of Musical Performance Studies in the Faculty of Music at the University of Cambridge. In TAGS 2017, the SMA particularly invited papers from postgraduate students exploring the intersections between analysis and musical performance and/or performance analysis, but proposals were also invited for 20-minute papers, themed sessions and lecture recitals addressing any analytical, critical or theoretical subject and in relation to any style of music.

If you are presenting a paper you will be eligible to apply for an SMA Student Travel Bursary to help cover the costs of travel and accommodation (B&B accommodation will be available). Further details can be found here; please note that the deadline for applications for bursaries is 17th February 2017. For information about travel to the School of Music at Bangor University:


Saturday, 18th February

14:00 Vice-President’s Welcome

14:15 Session A: Romantic Music

  • Maddie Kavanagh Clarke (Durham University): ‘Exposition and Recapitulation Correspondence in Mendelssohn’s String Quartets’
  • Frankie Perry (Royal Holloway): ‘Analysing the Afterlife of Schubert’s Symphonic Sketch Fragments D.936a’
  • Oliver Chandler (Royal Holloway): ‘Elgar’s Introduction and Allegro: Brief Thoughts on Musical In-between-ness’

15:45 Coffee Break

16:00 Session B: Musical Diversity

  • Juliano Abramovay & Michalis Cholevas (Codarts, University of the Arts, Rotterdam): ‘Unveiling Taksim: Analytical Procedures Regarding Improvisational Forms on Makam Music’
  • Karishmeh Crawford (N.N.): ‘Pop to Rave: Embodiment in Musical Analysis’
  • Liam Maloney (University of York): ‘House Music: Reconstructing a Secular Christianity for the Gay Diaspora’
  • Daniela & Bernd Willimek (University of Music, Karlsruhe): ‘Music and Emotions: Research on the Theory of Musical Equilibration’

18:00 Conference Reception, Foyer of the School of Music

19:30 Optional Concert: The Towers of Silence (Fidelio Trio)

Sunday, 19th February

09:00 Morning Coffee

09:30 Session C: 20th Century Music

  • Jean-Baptiste Masson (Institute of Psychoacoustic and Electronic Music IPEM – University of Gent / Conservatory of Reims): ‘To Weave Time: The Late Music of Feldman Through the Example of Violin and String Quartet’
  • James Savage-Hanford (Royal Holloway): ‘Intuiting Form: Memory and Discontinuity in Enescu’s Piano Quintet, Op. 29’ Özlem Yıldırım (Istanbul Technical University): ‘The Place of Cengiz Tanc (1933-1997) in European Modernism’
  • Clare Wilson (Ulster University): ‘André Caplet’s Mélodie: Interpretation of a Blurred Language’

11:30 Coffee Break

11:45 SMA Workshop
Writing Reviews: Grasping the Essence

12:15 Keynote lecture
Professor John Rink (University of Cambridge): ‘Playing with Structure: The Performance of Musical Analysis’

13:15 Lunch Break

14:00 Workshop Performance Shades of Pierrot
Bangor Music Festival, Prichard-Jones Hall, Bangor University: Chamber Choir Cantamus, directed by Matthias Wurz (Bangor University). The performance also includes Soprano Organ Prawang, Chris Atherton (violin), Yanmi Au (piano), Ellie Lighton (flute) and Sioned Roberts (clarinet).

15:00 Session D: Early Music & Historically Informed Performance

  • Rob Luke Jones (Bangor University): ‘Is it Possible, in a Historically Informed Manner, to Perform Classical French Organ Repertoire on a British Instrument, and if so how?’
  • Adam Behan (Trinity College, University of Dublin): ‘Gould’s Variations on the Goldberg Variations: An Analysis of Glenn Gould’s two Recordings of the Goldberg Variations BWV 988’

16:00 Break

16:15 Session E: Opera

  • Charlotte Danford (Bangor University): ‘Chinese Influences in 1987 Operas’
  • Christopher Kimbell (Royal Holloway): ‘Hans Sachs and the Concrete Universal in Wagner’s Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg’
  • Emily Tan (University of Oxford): ‘Transcendence as Pleasure in Ariadne auf Naxos’

17:45 Group Discussion with Tea & Coffee
‘The Relevance of Analysis for Musical Performance’ Chaired by Kenneth Smith

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Postgraduate Writing Club

University of Liverpool, Saturday 3rd December

Following a productive TAGS conference in April, the SMA are pleased to announce the next meeting of our Postgraduate Writing Club, which will take place at the University of Liverpool on Saturday 3rd December. Dr Kenneth Smith will be guest-chairing the session.

The writing club is an informal meeting open to the SMA’s postgraduate members, in which we can share and discuss one another’s writing in a friendly environment. As many of you are working within specialised fields, with highly technical and often cumbersome vocabulary, we hope that you will seize this opportunity to receive feedback on your writing from peers working in a similar field, and who are at the same stage of their professional development.

The event itself will be divided into two two-and-a-half-hour sessions (10:00-12:30 and 13:30-16:00). Four papers will be discussed across the day, with 1h15 allotted to each. It is a requirement to read all of the papers before attending, as we hope to spark lively discussions that will be valuable to all who attend. To get a feel for the event, reviews of previous meetings can be found on the SMA website.

We welcome any paper that falls under the broad scope of analysis. If you wish to offer up your work for discussion, please contact us by Saturday 29th October, giving details of what you would like to present (e.g. thesis chapter, conference paper, journal submission), a rough idea of the word count (5,000-word maximum), and your submission deadline. The four chosen papers will be circulated to attendees three weeks before the event. Should your paper be chosen, it must reach us before this date.

If you’re interested in getting involved, please get in touch at There is no charge for attendance, and a limited number of bursaries will be available to assist with the cost of attending. There will also be an informal dinner following the event.

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History, Analysis, Pedagogy Conference 2016

University of Nottingham, 13-15 July 2016

The underlying theme of the conference marks intersections between analysis, historical research, and music pedagogy. We welcome proposals for papers on any aspect of theory, analysis and criticism relating to music and musical practices of any genre, style or period.

The deadline for proposals is 18 February 2016. Proposals in the following formats will be considered: individual papers, paper sessions, roundtable discussions, and recitals, lecture-recitals and lectures illustrated by sound diffusions or audio-visual screenings. The Call for Papers is available at

Keynote speakers

Professor Ludwig Holtmeier (Hochschule für Musik Freiburg)
Professor Giorgio Sanguinetti (University of Rome, Tor Vergata)
Professor Katelijne Schiltz (Universität Regensburg)

Programme Committee

Nicholas Baragwanath (Nottingham), Rosa Cafiero (Milan), Annika Forkert (Bristol), Julian Horton (Durham), Maxim Serebrennikov (St Petersburg), Kenneth Smith (Liverpool), Peter van Tour (Uppsala).

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TAGS Conference 2016

University of Liverpool in London, 2-3 April 2016

University of Liverpool in London,
33 Finsbury Square, London EC2A 1AG
2nd to 3rd April, 2016. Pictures of the event below.

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Music Analysis Workshop

Senate House, 27th February 2016

The Society for Music Analysis is launching its second Music Analysis Workshop, to be held in Senate House (the central London base of Royal Holloway, University of London) on Saturday 27 February 2016 from 10am to 5.30pm. Following the success of the inaugural workshop in 2014, this event aims to not only build participants’ analytical skills through interactive introductions to selected methodologies but to demonstrate some of the ways in which these skills might be used to construct arguments that are broadly informed by (critical) theory.

The workshop is designed to benefit graduate students of any level who might want to learn more about a particular analytic method, practice analytical skills in a friendly environment or who might be interested to discover ways in which analysis might be used as a tool to supplement broader research questions. Challenging negative preconceptions, it aims to make both analytical methodologies and their hermeneutic applications more accessible to anyone interested in enriching their interpretations of musical works.

The event consists of two interactive workshops, lasting two hours each where the first half develops analytical skills and the second considers the wider application of these skills from a broader theoretical perspective. The workshops will be lead by Professor Julian Horton (Durham University), who will introduce recent developments in the theory of form in relation to nineteenth-century sonata forms, and Dr Kenneth Smith (The University of Liverpool), who will speak on neo-Riemannian theoretic approaches from the perspective of Deleuzian theory.

The day will be concluded by a ‘wrap-up’ session that will reflect upon the event as a whole in a summary that aims to further consider the larger questions and problems that arise when using, applying, and interpreting analysis in the current musicological climate.

The Call for Participants can be found at:

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Summer School and KeeleMAC 2015

6-10 July 2015, Keele University

The SMA’s Summer School (6-7 July 2015) and KeeleMAC (8-10 July 2015) took place at Keele University. They have been extensively reviewed  in the 2015 Newsletter (coming soon). The Summer School was organised by SMA Information Officer Dr Shay Loya and Dr Nicholas Rayland (Keele University). Below are links to more information and photos.

[site under construction]

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Exploring the Romantic Piano Concerto

School of Music, University College Dublin, 15-17 July 2015

This conference explores the piano concerto in the long-nineteenth century by way of highlighting its contemporary importance and addressing its posthumous neglect. It seeks both to reconsider neglected repertoire from a vast array of composers including Dussek, Cramer and Field to Stenhammer and Medtner, to challenge and reinvigorate received scholarship in the area, and to provide fresh contexts for those more canonical works from Beethoven to Rachmaninov. (For the full description see

The deadline for submitting an abstract for this conference has passed (was 31st January 2015). For more information please visit:

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KeeleMAC and the SMA Summer School

Keele University, 6-10 July 2015

The Society for Music Analysis UK invites you to its next conference, which will be held at Keele University from 8-10 July 2015. ‘KeeleMAC’ (convened by Dr Nicholas Reyland) will be preceded by the Music Analysis Summer School for Postgraduate Students from 6-7 July 2015 (organized by Dr Shay Loya). The conference keynote speakers and Summer School tutors will be Professors Amanda Bayley, James Hepokoski and David Neumeyer.

For more information see the previously published CFPs (submission deadline was 5 January 2015):

More information about KeeleMAC 2015 below:

The Keele Music Analysis Conference (KeeleMAC, Wednesday 8 to Friday 10 July 2015, Keele University, UK) brings together scholars from all around the world to present and discuss aspects of theory, analysis and criticism relating to music and musical practices from many genres, styles and periods. Themed parallel sessions cover topics including popular music, Schenkerian analysis, sonata theory, world music, performance analysis, multimedia, schemata theory, film music and exoticism. It is preceded at Keele by the Society for Music Analysis Summer School for postgraduate students (6-7 July 2015).
KeeleMAC’s three keynote speakers are:
Professor Amanda Bayley (Bath Spa)
Professor James Hepokoski (Yale)
Professor David Neumeyer (Texas)
The conference will open with a plenary roundtable, ‘Women and Analysis’, with speakers including Professor Janet Schmalfeldt (Tufts), Dr Laurel Parsons (Victoria, Chair of the Society for Music Theory Committee on the Status of Women) and Professor Amanda Bayley.
KeeleMAC will include a concert of audio-visual electroacoustic works, a drinks reception, and a banquet. The standard conference package is full board, with special rates for students and SMA members. Additional nights of B&B can also be booked on either side of the conference.
The Editorial Board of Music Analysis will be pleased to discuss publication opportunities with speakers and delegates at KeeleMAC.
The conference is convened by Dr Nicholas Reyland (Keele University).
Booking details and a copy of the draft programme for the event can be found on its dedicated website,
For other details, please contact

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