Postgraduate Writing Club

University of Liverpool, Saturday 3rd December

Following a productive TAGS conference in April, the SMA are pleased to announce the next meeting of our Postgraduate Writing Club, which will take place at the University of Liverpool on Saturday 3rd December. Dr Kenneth Smith will be guest-chairing the session.

The writing club is an informal meeting open to the SMA’s postgraduate members, in which we can share and discuss one another’s writing in a friendly environment. As many of you are working within specialised fields, with highly technical and often cumbersome vocabulary, we hope that you will seize this opportunity to receive feedback on your writing from peers working in a similar field, and who are at the same stage of their professional development.

The event itself will be divided into two two-and-a-half-hour sessions (10:00-12:30 and 13:30-16:00). Four papers will be discussed across the day, with 1h15 allotted to each. It is a requirement to read all of the papers before attending, as we hope to spark lively discussions that will be valuable to all who attend. To get a feel for the event, reviews of previous meetings can be found on the SMA website.

We welcome any paper that falls under the broad scope of analysis. If you wish to offer up your work for discussion, please contact us by Saturday 29th October, giving details of what you would like to present (e.g. thesis chapter, conference paper, journal submission), a rough idea of the word count (5,000-word maximum), and your submission deadline. The four chosen papers will be circulated to attendees three weeks before the event. Should your paper be chosen, it must reach us before this date.

If you’re interested in getting involved, please get in touch at There is no charge for attendance, and a limited number of bursaries will be available to assist with the cost of attending. There will also be an informal dinner following the event.

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